Salüt envisions redefining comfort food by marrying health and taste. We aim to become a trusted choice for those who seek a healthy diet without compromising on flavor.

    Salüt is dedicated to offering comfort food made with 100% natural, mostly local ingredients. We strive to provide a diverse range of gluten-free, paleo dishes that satisfy taste buds and health goals alike.

    Salüt values health, taste, and the power of natural ingredients. We are committed to crafting dishes that are not just nutritious and delicious but also contribute to the wellbeing of our patrons and our planet.


Welcome to Salüt, a unique healthy bakery where comfort food meets health and taste. At Salüt, we create a harmonious relationship between your food choices and your health. We understand that you should never compromise your health for the food you consume, nor the taste of your food for your health. That’s why we have made it our mission to prioritize both.

The seed of Salüt was planted during a journey through medical school in Mexico. Our founder found solace in exercise and cooking classes. These experiences led to the discovery that eating healthily doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. As our founder delved into clinical and holistic nutrition, this ethos became stronger. It laid the foundation for B•life meal preps in 2019, which transformed into Salüt in 2023.

Our menu features breakfast toasts, weekly farm-to-table lunches, and sourdough sandwiches, all made with 100% natural, mostly local ingredients. Our artisanal guacamole cones are served with air-fried healthy tortillas. We also offer a smoothie bar, coffee and specialty lattes, fresh juicing, and alternative healthy desserts.

We are thrilled to open our delicious doors to Puerto Rico and invite everyone to share in our vision of healthy comfort food.

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