San Juan 901, beyond being a mere business, is the heartbeat of a revitalizing movement taking root in the historical neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

About San Juan 901:

Breathing life into Puerta De Tierra




These spaces include commercial retail, hotels, hostels, and short and long-term apartments.

Urbana Hotel

La Ferreteria

Juliette Hostel

El Colonial

Nando's Place


Casa Pelayo



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Our work

Hosting cultural and artistic events as part of the revitalizing process

We value creating places for people to live and work, but we see deeper importance in nourishing cultural roots and celebrating artistic expression

Empowering the community with over 175 full-time, direct employment and generating over 100 indirect jobs

Fostering an environment to flourish local commerce

Honoring the local heritage

Dedication to cultural heritage is seen in our honor of musical icon Joe Quijano, with a plaza named after him. We’re proud to convert the Vocero building into Galeria, a rent-free space for local artists.

Culinary delihgts

San Juan 901 is home to some of the island’s best restaurants, offering an authentic taste of Puerto Rican cuisine.

Vision and mision

We envision redefining Puerta de Tierra, San Juan as a global beacon of restored heritage, vibrant local commerce, and artistic expression. Our mission revolves around employing local talent, generating employment, and nurturing cultural events while transforming abandoned buildings into booming hubs.

Puerto Rico is like a perfectly shaken cocktail of rum, beach vibes, sizzling heat, and alluring beauty. Imagine sipping on a chilled glass of rich Puerto Rican rum as you lounge on the sandy beach, immersing yourself in the life and spirit of the island. The rhythm of sultry beats fills the air as dancers move gracefully under the warmth of the tropical sun. The azure waves of the sea foam gently on the shoreline in a constant, soothing rhythm.
Puerto Rico, with its vibrant music, tempting cuisine, and hospitable locals, offers a laid-back yet enticing escape from the mundane. With San Juan 901, we aim to offer you a true slice of this paradise wrapped in the charm of Puerta de Tierra's vibrant heritage.

Back in the vibes of Puerto Rico

Stemp of authentisity

We proudly celebrate that all employment, restaurants, and bars adjacent to San Juan 901 are 100% Puerto Rican, encapsulating the true essence of our beloved island community.

This is a testament to our commitment to fostering local commerce and preserving our unique heritage. It is not an added feature but the essence and soul of San Juan 901. Experience the authentic Puerto Rican way of life right here with us, where our neighboring restaurants and bars showcase the vibrant flavors of local cuisine.